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The SAND Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection is woven from the images from the coastline of Cuba and the Caribbean's where a dash of tropical palms, florals and surfer inspired prints taken to a new level through the application of tiny motives meets in a collage of uniqueness and eccentricity. The collection is a fascinating fusion of phenomenal fabrics and accents inspired by these tropical landscapes transformed into contemporary classics with urban coolness. With this collection SAND pays homage to the 70's The Persuaders with the Roger Moore polo as a key element.

This season, the womenswear collection is all about contrasts. The contrast between rough and pretty, future and past, feminine and masculine, sportive and formal. Key items in the new collection consist of the powerful two pieces sets bringing flash-back to the iconic sets from the early 70's, as well as Kimono inspired cardigans, pyjamas feel blouses and the high waist trousers, both narrowed and flared. This season, the colour palette is a devotion to the summer energy with the power of white and red hues moving into burning orange contrasted with caviar black and silvery powder blue.